Expertise for you

Expertise, just like our accomplishments of more than fifteen years in the field of construction, renovation of residences, charming villas and / or luxurious houses, apartments, shops.

Our focus area, with only one interlocutor, constantly listening to you, covers all the building trades in respect of a job in the rules of art, a project management at all stages respecting the announced deadlines.

Our teams of employees, each in his specialty with a full knowledge and updated content, in a permanent concern of the job well done. A close link with suppliers and partners.

Permanent communication on the work progresses and site supervision.

Our intervention areas

Further to a visit, accompanied, if necessary, with an Architect and/or with an Office) of Engineering (Concrete and Structures) and after a narrow analysis of the frame (executive) of your project of renovation, your wishes and excpectations, our proposals, including in technical domains, we shall give you following both essential items :

Cost estimate detailed by action posts of intervention, characteristics of supplies and proposed materials,

Schedule of works progress,

If necessary, we could present you your realization project as plans, computer generated images prefiguring the expression of your wishes.

Our teams are formed, without calling on to workers in “subcontracting”, to following works:


Excavation – V.R.D.
Demolition (partitions, bearing and not expanding walls)
Removal, evacuation and removal in the waste collection center ( D.I.P). of all the bulky waste and engraved of quite natural
Masonry every types of works – Construction of walls and subdivisions
Construction of watertight staircases, metal and stone
Restoration of Facades


Stone floor Earthenware Tiled floor Pavements
Heat and phonic insulation
Heating of any solutions included by the ground
Glazings and Opening (simple – double) including metalwork
Cover grounds and walls
False ceilings and cofferings (damp-proofing and iso phonic) ledges or cymas.
Joineries(Joiner’s workshops)
Dressing room and cupboard

Construction murs de soutènement

Retaining Walls – Stone Walls – Flagstones Pavers

constructeur maison cannes

Complete kitchen layout according to the choice of the customer as well as materials work plan and equipments.


Electricity Total or partial repair of the installations (Conformity) – Reversible Air conditioning


Plumbing Fitting – Bathroom’s facility – Shower


Swimming pool of any solution

The resources we have for the execution of works :

im - copie

Crane of 40 meters
Banches metal in sufficient amount
Metallic struts 1200 m²
Wood panels in sufficient amount
Wood beams Deka 900
Silo concrete and cement containers on site
7 concrete mixers and more, all capacities
2 crane trucks 19 T
Telescopic telescopic forklift
Scaffolding 300 m²

Ravalement de Façades

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